How Luis Muñoz Marín, the Drug Addict, Manipulated the FBI

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


As of April 1943, the FBI had extremely damaging information about Luis Muñoz Marín’s personal life. He had a “Puerto Rican inferiority complex.” He “abandoned his wife and children,” was a “heavy drinker” and “utterly unprincipled,” with “no ideals whatsoever.” He also “had no profession” and was “living with his mistress.”

But this information could apply to many politicians, both in the US and Puerto Rico. The really damaging information was this:

Luis Muñoz Marín was a narcotics addict. He was smoking opium. After he became governor, he smoked it in the governor’s mansion. This lifelong addiction began during his “bohemian” years in New York City, and continued well into his retirement, after he was no longer governor.

The FBI, and the US government, never released this information. Instead, they used the threat of releasing it to control him, and to control the island’s politics for nearly 30 years.

Luis Muñoz Marín stopped advocating for independence, and suddenly became the principal agent for Puerto Rico “Commonwealth” status. Once he became governor of this new “Commonwealth,” Muñoz Marín and the FBI entered into an unholy marriage.

Like many marriages, this one was full of manipulation and self-dealing.

When he passed Public Law 53 (the Gag Law) in 1948, which made it a felony to be “disloyal” to the United States, many “disloyal” people started appearing on secret FBI lists, including these: 

List of names Carpetas

Take a good look at that list. It includes a senator, a district attorney, five city councilmen, the mayor of Caguas, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Everyone on the list – all 34 of them – are public employees.

In other words, being on this FBI “disloyalty” list could cost a person their career. With the right amount of pressure, they could be fired from their job at any time…even the Speaker of the House of Representatives!

No one was safe from the FBI, and Muñoz Marín knew it.

Over time, he used these “disloyalty lists” to arrest whomever he wanted, and to eliminate political opponents. The “lists” became an instrument of social, economic and political control: a deck of marked playing cards with Muñoz Marín as the crooked dealer, handing out whatever cards he saw fit.

All Muñoz Marín had to do, was tag someone as “disloyal” to the United States. The FBI would take it from there.

This game become most apparent after the Nationalist uprising of October 1950: Muñoz Marín immediately tapped into Cold War McCarthyism, both on national radio and in the New York Times, saying that the uprising was a “conspiracy against democracy helped by the Communists.”

Gov Luis Munoz Marin NYT

Two days later, Muñoz Marín was still hammering on the “Communist” theme, telling the New York Times that “Nationalists are being used by the Communists…the Nationalists are having their lunacy, fanaticism and irresponsibility manipulated for the benefit of Communist propaganda and strategy.”

NYT Article - Gov Luis Munoz Marin

But the manipulator was really Muñoz Marín.

He knew that his “Communist” allegations were untrue…but he also knew that they would distract the American public, and compel J. Edgar Hoover to send several hundred more FBI agents down to Puerto Rico.

Muñoz Marín had already passed a Gag Law (La Ley de la Mordaza) to silence the entire island, and to intimidate his political opponents. He already had thousands of secret FBI files (carpetas) opened on those opponents. He placed thousands more on the “disloyalty” lists.

Now he manipulated the FBI into sending hundreds more FBI agents…whom he could use as his own private army, against Albizu Campos and the Nationalists.

FBI Director Hoover often complained that “Gov. Muñoz Marín wants his own banana republic, with American air conditioning.” This was an accurate and astute observation.

The US government turned Luis Muñoz Marín into a lapdog. The FBI had him on a very short leash – but he knew exactly how to yank on that leash, to his own personal advantage.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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25 Comments on “How Luis Muñoz Marín, the Drug Addict, Manipulated the FBI

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  2. Mr. Denis and to all: I am writing my senior research paper on Luis Munoz Marin in the 1940’s. I was wondering if you knew where to find writings by Marin in English. I know his memoir has not been translated but was hoping to find his english writings, hopefully related to his political ideology. Thanks.


  3. si no sabes de donde vienes, jamas sabrás quien tu eres ni hacia donde iras…y seras como muchos monigotes que bailan al son que le tocan por su falta de identidad.


  4. Thank you Bernardino Suria Sr, that is a great observation.
    also President Truman had just release the Atomic Bomb on the Island of Japan.


  5. Who cares that’s the past I did not exist on those days I go for what’s going on now ,that’s importance let’s move forward, forgive and forget


  6. With Hoover in control of the FBI in Washington nobody was Safe Except for the Republican House also in control of Puerto Rico and The once behind everything in Puerto Rico was Big Sugar Cane Business of the united States not Puerto Rico or Cuba.


  7. Mr Denis, I am sorry but I forgot to add. Truman did not pick Luis Munoz Marin, instead he pick Jesus T. Pineros. Then later on Luis Munoz Marin was elected democratically by the Puerto Ricans. It seems that all this invoved very complicated relationships. Can you speak little about them.


  8. Mr. DENIS, What was president Harry S. Truman awareness or involvement in the Gag 53 law in Puerto Rico? For he selected the governors. Also after so many presidents selected American born governors, he selected a puerto rica, Jesus T Pinero. Can you speak a little about the relationsship of President Truman, Jesus T Pinero and the Gag 53 law




  10. Maria, what is it that you wanted me to clarify? I could not discern this from your comment, but please let me know.


  11. Wow , coming from the FBI any information needs to be taken with lots of suspicious . The drug issue is used to downgrade the figure of the man. To analyzed this controversial puertorrican, figure, it’s a most, to study the political and economical circumstances. surrounded him, His responsibilities, been at the time the only “hope” of the people. vs. the extreme, poverty and misery that the Puerto Rico, was suffering. The carithma, confidence and faith that the islanders had in him, the perfect model USA needed to arise the nationalist movement, and to keep control over the colony. History is there to judge him. Is believe he betrayed his ideals, his comrades, like Albizu Campos, etc. He said many times in closer circles, that he is aware of his errors, but everything he did was to stop the island extreme poverty. So they used him to become the first elected governor, negotiated law 93,(mordaza Law’) and the ratification of the Law 600, under the so call, “Estado Libre Asociado”.1952. Just a territory, call “commonwealth” in English. Hunger, extreme poverty. analphabetism, and misery was abolished, but sovereignty and nationalism was ban from the face of the island, demonizing the word “republic”, “independence” until today. I don’t agree with him, in most issues, but tried to understand him, in a historical context. To say he stole money isn’t true. That, he was addict, used drugs, etc. don’t know, but who cares.not the first and wont be the last. His personal life he was a gigolo in his youth, bohemian, a poet, in New York, nothing wrong with that. Married Mona Lee, eventually got divorced. Went to lived with puertorrican nationalist, braved, brilliant school teacher which he eventually married, Dona Ines, beloved and respected by everybody. All that for me is disrespecting a historic figure, a human being with lots virtues and defects, that cannot defend himself, He was born wealthy. But, didn’t care much for fortune, died poor, never interested in money.


  12. Mr. Eduardo Rodriguez, it is a known fact that he was married to Muna Lee and had two children. Then he divorced her in 1946 to marry his mistress, Ines Mendoza. Only Los Populares don’t want to believe it.


  13. It is hard to accept the truth because it means we’re fools. We should never again put our trust on politicians without doing research. I myself thought this man was the best for our island . Now I feel angry that I ever honored him. Burn in heel for what you did to your people.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Edgardo Rodriguez search his bio, he abandoned his first wife Marriage and family.

    “On July 1, 1919 Muñoz Marín married Muna Lee, an American writer from Raymond, Mississippi.[14] Lee was a leading Southern feminist and a rising writer of Pan-American poetry.[15] They had a daughter and a son together, but often lived apart before separating in 1938.

    During the 1920s Muñoz Marín spent the majority of his time in Greenwich Village in New York, where he lived apart from his wife and young children. During those years he repeatedly asked his wife and mother to send him money, and indulged in a “Bohemian life” that seriously strained his marriage. Muñoz Marín and his wife Muna Lee underwent a legal separation in 1938.[16]

    During his first campaign for the Puerto Rico Senate in 1932, Muñoz Marín was accused of being a narcotics addict.[17][18]

    Before his campaigns of 1938 and 1939, Muñoz Marín met while legally still married Inés Mendoza,[19] his mistress a teacher who was fired for complaining about the prohibition against classes in Spanish. They agreed that substituting “one language for another is to diminish that country’s capacity to be happy”.[20] Muñoz Marín asked Mendoza to “stay with him all his life.”[21]



  15. MrDenis, can you please elaborate and clarified some information for me. It was during President Harry S Truman administration that the Gag 53 law was put into effect. Year 1948 This was when Harry S Truman selected and put into office, the first Puerto Rican governor Jesus T. Pinero. Then came Luis Munoz Marin, he was the first Puerto Rican governor to be democratically elected by the Puerto Rican people.


  16. And to think my mother and grandmother would tell me as a teenager what a “great man” he was and how he “saved Puerto Rico from poverty”.




  18. On July 4th I told my brother in-law that Munoz Marin was a drug addict. He got a little upset & said , how could I slander his name like that. On July 5th he called me up on the phone & said Angel you was right, I did Some research on it and found out it was true. To those who don’t believe, please educate yourself &READ…

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  19. Q clase de fichitas. Ese es el culpable de esta debacle q hay en PR . Todavia hay. Muchos populares q se niegan a aceptar la verdad.el dinero q hoy difruten sus hijos fue producto del robo. EUA enviable j$ 15.00 para el pueblo MunozMarin les daba$.7.50 y se queda a con el resto. Omg. They never told the truth about him .peolpe believed he was an honest and an honorable person


  20. WOW, I read all of this betrayal , happened before I was born,. But damn , how it hurts, to know that our ISLAND , has been plunder and humiliated and our people submitted to many atrocities, by those that were supposed to be helping the people and the Island to progress. It is such a painful thing, to learned so much treason was coming from someone elected by the people. wow, I have never knew this until now.

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  21. Puerto Ricans mother saying, NO SE PUEDO TAPAR EL CIELO CON LA MANO”


  22. This shit is totally wrong.My cusin worked for Don luis Munoz Marin he was never a heavy drinker and never left his wife or doughters.So Dr.Rex I don’t know were you got that information from but it’s all bullshit.


  23. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The worst of the worst! Never the “straight arrow”, he wiggled himself into the weave of Puerto Rican politics and, together with the USA, set the “journey” to the current reality of Puerto Rico. He was “idolized” by many and fooled all. A puppet himself but a master at manipulation. A disgrace …. All the monuments, street names and everything in his “honor” should be removed. He was “bought” for $150,000 … by the Empire, followed its “orders”. Then proceeded to personally benefit from this evil cauldron created by two forces who were clearly out to rob & steal everything they could from the island of Puerto Rico!!


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