Ann Coulter and Adios, America: she hates Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Latinos, but she loves Jorge Ramos

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Ann Coulter is a liar, a sociopath, a hate-monger, and a right-wing telebimbo. She is also one of the richest and most famous authors in America. How does she do it?

Because Coulter is not merely a writer. She is a performance artist.

Every book is a choreographed entertainment. Just like the World Wrestling Federation, Rush Limbaugh and Floyd Mayweather, she knows her market niche and exploits it without mercy.

To understand this tactic, consider Floyd Mayweather. All his fights are fixed; the result is pre-determined. It is the easiest and safest payday in boxing, which is why so many fighters (and their long-suffering wives) line up to lose to Mayweather.

Two weeks before each fight, Mayweather does everything possible to become the most hated man on the planet. He insults his opponent, their family, their race, and their country of origin.

Mayweather becomes so despicable, that on the night of the fight, millions of people pay $80 to HBO, hoping to see his ass kicked.

Hatred sells…and Ann Coulter knows it.

Before Adios, America was even on sale, Coulter took her performance on the road…with a wild appearance on Fusion, the Jorge Ramos interview show. She shouted at Ramos, interrupted him repeatedly, and insulted the entire studio audience throughout the entire interview. At one point, she even referred to them as “you people.”

The Adios, America performance continues, with a book cover specifically geared to Coulter’s core audience: downwardly mobile white people, who need someone to blame.

The title does this brilliantly:

Our country is becoming a “Third World Hellhole.” It is not due to corporate disinvestment in America, the growing inequalities of wealth, or Citizens United v. FCC.  No…the Mexicans and the Puerto Ricans are to blame. Buy this book, and Coulter will show you why.

The performance continues with the dedication of the book…to M. Stanton Evans, the author of Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.

The “Contents” of the book reads like a Chinese menu of hatred: Thirty Million Mexicans, Spot the Immigrant!, Why Do Hispanic Valedictorians Make the News, but Child Rapists Don’t?, and The End of America Won’t Be Televised.

The actual content of the book is a hodge-podge of thinly veiled and poorly documented racism. Coulter wastes no time in blaming Latinos for every malaise in America. By page three, this already  includes “poverty, childhood obesity, teen pregnancy, out-of-wedlock births, abysmal high school dropout rates, income inequality, ‘homegrown’ terrorists, massive Medicare frauds, internet crime, identity theft, prison overcrowding …Obamacare, sex trafficking, the epidemic of child rape, the destruction of our national parks, drunk driving casualties, drug-resistant tuberculosis, measles and other viral outbreaks, bankrupt government pensions, lower reading and math scores, and shorter Americans.”

But the accusations do not stop there.

In Chapter Two, we learn that “national parks are closed because Mexicans have dumped trash, set wildfires, planted pot farms, and scrawled graffiti on ancient Indian petroglyphs.”

Chapter Eight advises “Lost a friend to drugs? Thank a Mexican,” and “the harm done to the United States by Mexicans is considerably greater than the harm done to Israelis by the ineffectual Palestinians.”

Chapter Ten teaches us about “Latin American Rape Culture,” a culture in which “sex abuse is ingrained into the minds of the people.”

Chapter Eleven introduces us to Hispanic “Penis-Chopping Immigrants.”

Chapter Twelve explains that “Hispanics are prodigious litterers…Mexicans throw trash on the ground because, in Mexico, no one tells them not to.”

By the end of Adios, America, about the only thing that Latinos aren’t responsible for, is global warming.

Another striking aspect of the book is its interpretation of US history. In Chapter Four, we discover that “America is not a nation immigrants…it was never diverse, and diversity is a catastrophe…There was no America until the British and Dutch arrived. They were not “immigrants” because there was no established society for them to move to. Without the white settlers, what is known as ‘America’ would still be an unnamed continent full of migratory tribes chasing the rear end of a buffalo every time their stomach growled.”

Clearly, Coulter has written an insulting and breathtakingly stupid book – so we can all ignore it and go home, right?

Unfortunately not. Coulter is crazy as a fox. She sprinkles her nonsense with a patina of “facts” that lend an air of “scholarship” and “authenticity” to this Houdini Act of a book. But her “facts” are often out of context, inaccurate, or just plain wrong.

She quotes a 1971 demographic study showing that “by 1970, fewer than one million Puerto Ricans lived in the United States.” But page 13 of that same study states, in bold half-inch letters, that the Puerto Rican 1970 stateside population was 1.5 million.  

She claims that there are 30 million undocumented immigrants in the US – even though the US Census, the US Department of Homeland Security, the Pew Research Center, and the Urban Institute, have all reported 11 million undocumented. 

She also offers a unique view of the US constitution. The Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, and §301(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (8 U.S.C. §1401(a)), are clear and unambiguous:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

Yet Coulter tortures the “subject to the jurisdiction” phrase into meaning “if the parents are not citizens, then their children are not subject to US jurisdiction.” And therefore, according to Coulter, the 14thAmendment does not confer citizenship by birth.

That interpretation is ridiculous. The Citizenship Clause has been in place since 1868. It has applied to every other immigrant child that has been born in this country, for the past 147 years. To revoke it now would not only violate the Equal Protection Clause of that same Constitution, it would mean that immigrant children would not have to pay any US taxes, or obey any US laws, since they were “not subject to US jurisdiction.” 

It would also mean that over 600 million Americans born in this country, since 1868, are suddenly “illegal aliens.”

The most breathtaking – and insidious – claim in Adios, America is that “the entire edifice of civil rights and discrimination law was meant to address the black experience in America, not to reward any loser with resentments…Huge social welfare programs were created – for blacks. Affirmative action policies and racial quotas were created – for blacks.”

According to Coulter, since immigrants are not descendants of American slaves, then “Why do we owe other countries anything? Our racial guilt is over slavery. America didn’t have any colonies…what do we owe the Third World?”

In one fell swoop, Coulter thereby extends her ignorance throughout the entire Western Hemisphere. She turns a blind eye to the US exploitation of Latin American resources and labor, for over a century. 

She completely ignores that Puerto Rico is a US colony, and that Puerto Ricans have been treated like dirt for 117 years.

She never heard of the 65th Infantry Regiment, or the Borinqueneers, who spilled their Puerto Rican blood for America in war after war.

In the end, Ann Coulter’s performance art is built on ignorance, and fueled by contempt. This contempt is so complete, that she insulted Jorge Ramos and every Latino in America…on his own show.

However, one must credit Ann Coulter with a clarity of purpose. She appeared on Jorge Ramos’s show with only two objectives, and she accomplished them both.

She insulted as many Latinos as possible, in order to sell more books.

She also showed followed her own advice.

In Chapter 16 of Adios, America, Coulter strongly advises the 2016 GOP presidential candidates to ignore the Latino population: to treat them like dirt, and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Then she went on Jorge Ramos’s show, and showed them how to do it.

30 Comments on “Ann Coulter and Adios, America: she hates Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Latinos, but she loves Jorge Ramos

  1. Just in case for the ignoramuses out there, Puerto Ricans fought during the Civil War, WWI, WWII, The Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Dessert Storm, etc… Many of them included are my ancestors.


  2. They must erased. It is the only way. The Anglo Saxon is a demonic entity that must be cleansed. Hispanics are growing in number while they are declining and they know it. Hispanics need to get organized and radicalized before they do. It is the only way we will be free. Forget Jesus, forget empathy. Religion means nothing to them and empathy isn’t in their hearts. The only thing they understand and respect is power absolute.


  3. This country was Spanish territory since the 1400’s. The Anglo-Saxon race did not come for another 200 years. So all those so called white race should know the history of this country before claiming their power or lack thereof.


  4. If Coulter believes this concept she and her entire family born after 1868 is an illegal immigrant. So she too needs to leave the US along with all those who follow her ideals.


  5. Ann Counter simply says what everyone else is thinking. Im in agreement with her. People like jorge ramos Are TRASH. Their backassward thinking ALWAYS IS TO THE DETRIMANT OF AMERICA! Man I served this country in the Marines; what the Hell did these lowlifes do for the country? Not a Damn thing! So, let’s save time & just say Im never wrong about these people. No Braggin Just Swaggin! !!! Forget You jorge ramos you SUCK!!


  6. ann coulter is a bigot a racist and part of the falling and dying evil white american race.white america is feeling our power God’s chosen the 12tribes of israel. evil america is the most evil and nasty country on earth!!.they backed stabbed the most high my Lord and savior Jesus Christ!! that’s one thing,plus slavery ,fake religon,that don’t exsist,letting people die with there evil man made diseses such as aids which was created to erase the black and peolpe from earth,they build churches, to brain about Jesus having blonde hair and blue eyes ..biggest lie ever.ann coulter ,the frauds of evil america and the evil white race will be hit with.karma!! game over. black and brown will rule this it’s written in the real hidden Bible.que dios me Los bendigas a todos!!



    I am a Cuban-American I don’t agree with this article. I don’t see where Ann Coulter is against people of Latin origin; she is against people who would attempt to replace American culture with Latin culture, Latin politics and the Spanish language. That doesn’t make her a racist, that makes her willing to tell the truth what it should mean to be an American. I don’t live in Cuba anymore, I live in America and I am proud to have integrated to American culture. Sorry to say but some of the “Hispanic” Americans in this country need to just grow up.


  8. ann coulter is a fraud she claims shes a christine . shes prayin to the wrong jesus. because our jesus who suffered on the cross for our sins is not a racist. she donald chump and the rest of those red necks are in fear of a BROWN planet .


  9. well this Puerto Rican speaks English Spanish and Italian what’s the problem .


  10. I still dont understand Americans, some say the true americans who built this country, well more than half or your country was actually ours, in the first place, second the inmigrants have built the USA, that is what that country is full of, but since the hatred is against Mexicans it makes a difrence, well if my country sucks so bad then why are more than a millón americans liveing in Mexico?


  11. We all know or at the very least should know by now that she’s a calculating sociopath whose only agenda is personal gain. My problem with this article is the fact that it mentions that Mr. Ramos actually let her get away with being disrespectful. Now granted I did not watch the interview because I firmly believe that watching things like this only empowers the subject but there is no reason for him to let her act that way. I have sen other talk shows or listened to radio/podcast programs where the host either politely or impolitely tells the guest show some respect or get out. Why not do that to this woman? That is something I do not understand. Can anyone help me out by explaining his reasoning. In all honesty I am curious.


  12. The Ann Coulters of the world are increasingly on the verge of becoming a minority. They know this, and that’s why they feel they must step up their efforts to spread the hate by any means possible. The very foundation of racism is a lie, therefore anything based on racism is, by nature and by logic, a lie. The educated white anglo extremist know this to be a fact, but, their target audience is the undereducated white extremist that, unfortunately, still exists in overwhelming numbers. In other words, they are still a political force to reckon with. We (latinos, blacks, etc.) must stay the course through education and tolerance. By our actions and virtues, we must, and will, expose them for what they truly are; a cowardly, pitiful lazy group of usecure people with nothing to cling to except their own pillar of lies. If history has taught us anything, it’s that whatever is built upon a foundation of deception, hate and intolerance, will, inevitably crumble. Look at what happened to Nazi Germany.


  13. Ann Culter to me a colostomy bag, garbage, a witch out look and inner soul, she fit with skin head, racist, who’s reader and fux viewer are cult, almost 100% her supporter are hillbilly, ignorant, idiot and stupid.
    Thanks Nelson to write a artical about this Witch.


  14. what race are you ann a nazi so full of hate maybe you should of been alive back then you would have fit right in and you too would have been hanging by your neck!!!!!!!?? if you are a jew the nazi’s forgot your grandparents lol


  15. you all would be surprised and shocked how many of us Whites who created this country (that you think you own and will soon look like Tijuana and detroit) AGREE WITH EVERYTHING SHE SAYS……listen to Donald Trump’s speech this morning in NYC too. As a non-American, but from the country who DID SETTLE AND CREATE the usa, and what you all crave, I cannot tolerate what it has become, thank god I can leave at any time and go to the best country in the world!!! where there are no third-world-uneducated-third grade mexicans and blacks………..and NO GUNS………..hardly any crime, (except from other out-of-control-immigrants)….I have met high income, wealthy, educated, very nice Mexicans and treat them like I would and do treat them as friends.


  16. Ask her where her family immigrated from, the only real American is the American Indian and the closest race that looks like the American Indian is the Mexican, send that pc of trash back to where her family’s from racist pc of trash!!


  17. I guess she has not gotten a Puerto Rican huevo before. I will tell you once she go Rican she will never go seeking. She really had the cojones to insult us the Hispanic community on t.v. to a Hispanic host. When you go buy food at the supermarket where do some of the food come from. The car that you drive where do most of the parts come from. For your information you are an immigrant too because of your ancestors. What does Kris Jenner and you have in common. You are both attention whores.


  18. Just plain stupid and ignorant…There will be a judgement day one day..



  19. Why do we care what this white female, ignorant at that, will do or say anything for fame or money. She wrote a book without checking true facts so, people that is what she feeds off the anger of the Hispanics. Laugh at her, turn your backs keep doing what your doing ignore her, enjoy life, it angers them even more. That is why they hate Latinos because of the happiness inside your hearts, keep laughing, dancing, celebrating, she will hate that you are ignoreing her.


  20. She’s ignorant and she has the right to be. I’ve always ignored people like this. Why give them any acknowledgement. God doesn’t like ugly and karma takes care of things in that manner! Let her dig her own hole, she’ll fall soon enough.


  21. Too much publicity for a rabid hate monger. Ignore them and they’ll stop being so popular.

    Coño despierta boriqua.


  22. Who cares what she thinks or what she says..shes not going to change anything..we are a majority… so bring it on white matter how many books you write or how many speeches you give..nothing is going to change ever on your behalf..


  23. This is nothing new for this alleged “writer” but she is absolutely guaranteed an audience because many americans, especially in the northeast, share her sentiments. In places where you have large disparities in income, like the greater New York City area, this is especially true. The best way to fight back is to educate yourselves and your children; teach them to fight back through knowledge, hard work and a never say die spirit. The best way to defeat these kinds of people is to get under their skin by showing them they can’t get under yours – rather just inspire you to succeed where they say you can’t.


  24. Puerto Ricans aren’t immigrants u cock sucker we give USA back three times the money they invest on our island…. We our to much of a lucrative business for u guys. It is transparent that u are full of hate…

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  25. She needs a reality check. She is an immigrant her self. ill pay for her ancestry membership. She would be shock to see where her great grand parents came from. We are all Gods children. We shouldn’t judge people for their Geography. Its just a man made boarder witch God didn’t give them. The only tribe with land rights are the Jews ( The promise land). Food for thought. America was stolen from the Indians. They were forced to give up their land and imprisoned to reservations. Our people the Tainos were done even worse. Till this day we are waiting for the American Government to show us how we benefit from their ruling our people. We need to unite to fight the battle against those who want to take our freedom away. Ann Coulter is a fraud and we all know what her agenda is. Un Pueblo unido hamas sera vencido.

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  26. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ANN COULTER ….. The adjective I have for you shouldn’t be written here. You are a despicable, ignorant opportunist, trying to sell a book. I pity the ignorant souls, like you, who will buy it. You will rip them off … No intention to educate just making a fast buck for yourself. You are, and have always been, a poor excuse of a human being!! May your “god” have pity on your hardened soul!

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