New York Daily News reports the Making of a Best-Selling Book

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


With the government teetering on bankruptcy, thousands of students storming through San Juan, and the island ready to explode over an 11.5% sales tax, the New York Daily News reported on a phenomenon that has swept the island.

Just three weeks ago the Capitol Building, the Governor’s Mansion, and the streets of Old San Juan were rocked by an enormous sea of university students, in an angry protest over tuition hikes and the 11.5% sales tax (known as IVU) that threatens all of them.

The rage and frustration is mounting in Puerto Rico…with a profound sense that a $73 billion public debt, junk bond status, an 11.5% IVU, looming government bankruptcy, public school closures, the implosion of PREPA, and soaring gasoline, water and electrical costs, all spell the end of Puerto Rico.

They fear that the entire island is being “gentrified.”

They fear Puerto Ricans are being forced to move out (over 140,000 left in 2014) so that wealthy foreigners can move in.

They fear an unannounced, undeclared WAR on Puerto Ricans is happening right now, throughout the island.

For this reason, the book War Against All Puerto Ricans is causing a sensation…in Puerto Rico.

The New York Daily News reported this sensation yesterday, in a special edition report: 


According to the Daily News, “War Against All Puerto Ricans has become the subject of political water-cooler talk, national TV and newspaper coverage — including a three-part series of articles in El Nuevo Dia — and a letter from Puerto Rico’s governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla…recognizing its significance.”

In the opinion of this page, the governor’s letter is nearly the only thing he has done right, throughout the entirety of his administration.

Here is the link to the Daily News article, for which we are very grateful:

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