Latino Rebels reports on “War” in Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


War against all Puerto Ricans raged in Puerto Rico for one full week…May 15-22…and Latino Rebels told the story.

With photos and a detailed account, the article described the phenomenon of a book, which is having an impact of Puerto Rican politics.

Selling out in every bookstore, with “standing room only” crowds at every public event, and a multi-city tour with the PIP (Party of Independence for Puerto Rico), War Against All Puerto Ricans is getting a historic response on the island.

Even Rafael Cancel Miranda (who accompanied Lolita Lebrón in 1954), Don Heriberto Marín Torres (jailed with Pedro Albizu Campos), and family members of Don Pedro attended several events for the book.


The author, Nelson Denis, sees an underlying reason for this success. According to Denis, “Puerto Rico is about to undergo a radical transformation. It has to. With a $73 billion public debt, and virtually no access to the credit markets, the so-called ‘Commonwealth’ relationship with the US has been thoroughly repudiated. Puerto Rico is a US colony – but it can no longer function as a colony. The economics will no longer sustain this dysfunctional relationship.”

War Against All Puerto Ricans tells the story of a forgotten revolution in 1950, when the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico staged an armed insurrection against the US.  Nationalists were sent to kill President Harry Truman, gunfights roared in eight towns, police stations and post offices were burned down. In order to suppress this uprising, the US Army deployed thousands of troops and bombarded two towns, marking the first time in history that the US government bombed its own citizens.   

The book is also a character study of the people who shaped, directed, and destroyed the revolution: including a patriot named Pedro Albizu Campos, and the calculating governor Luis Muñoz Marín. 

The book is also being translated into Spanish, for a wide release in late 2015.

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