“War” breaks out on NEW YORK 1

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


It was bound to happen. 

There was no way to avoid it.

Errol Louis invited Nelson Denis to New York 1, and War Against All Puerto Ricans broke out in the studio of Inside City Hall.

 Subjects included:


On June 10, 1948, they passed Law 53, otherwise known as La Ley de la Mordaza (Law of the Muzzle). This law was nearly a word-for-word translation of Section 2 of the U.S. anti-Communist Smith Act, and it authorized police and FBI to stop anyone on the street and invade any Puerto Rican home, particularly Nationalist homes.

It was a gag law. It prohibited the singing of a patriotic tune; or to own or display a Puerto Rican flag anywhere, even in one’s own home, no matter how large or small.

It also prohibited any speech against the U.S. government or in favor of Puerto Rican independence; or to print, publish, sell or exhibit any material about independence; or to organize any society, group or assembly of people on behalf of independence. Anyone found guilty of disobeying the law could be sentenced to ten years imprisonment, a fine of $10,000 dollars, or both.


On Palm Sunday, March 21, a peaceful march WAS held in the town of Ponce, in support of Pedro Albizu Campos and other Nationalists who were recently imprisoned.

The march turned into a bloody police slaughter, killing 17 unarmed Puerto Rican civilians and wounding over 200 others. Women and children WERE killed – including a 7-year old girl, who WAs shot in the back.

The massacre occurred under the direct military command of General Blanton Winship, the U.S.-appointed governor of Puerto Rico.


On the weekend of October 30, 1950, the Nationalist Party waged a revolution against the United States.

Gunfights roared in eight towns.

Police stations were burned down.

The Republic of Puerto Rico was declared in the town of Jayuya.

Assassination attempts were made against Pres. Harry Truman and Governor Luis Muñoz-Marín.

In order to suppress this revolt the U.S. bombed two towns, mobilized 5,000 National Guardsmen, killed dozens of Nationalists, and arrested 3,000 Puerto Ricans.

Pedro Albizu Campos was also arrested, and jailed in La Princesa. He spent 25 years in prison.


Please watch the interview with Errol Louis here:



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  1. Awesome!! Congrats … the book is going places!! Thanks, Nelson …. you’ve done a wonderful job!!


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